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Bodhi Yoga Workshops & Retreats

Bodhi Yoga Events and Retreats: Early 2019

  • 2019 Valentine’s Guided Partner Yoga Workshop 

    Thursday February 14th, 2019 6-7:30pm

    Join in on this annual Bodhi Yoga FAVORITE!

    Bodhi Yoga Founding-Director, Syl Carson, will guide you and your Valentine through a series of yoga poses designed for TWO, using an incredibly fun, healing and inspiring sequence of Guided Restorative Partner Yoga, using Ayurvedic Marma-points, assisted stretching and specialized breath-work for the most BLISSFULLY-BRILLIANT Valentine’s you two have ever experienced.

    You don’t have to be flexible to participate, or even know a thing about yoga.  Learning the Bodhi Valentine’s Partner Yoga sequence will help you open up tight spots and strengthen weak areas, in both your body and your relationship.

    After the laughter, loving-kindness and relaxation has come to a close, you will take home tools to help each other destress, heal and connect all year round.

    IN ADDITION TO OUR VALENTINE’S EVENING: You will receive access to online streaming Guided Partner Yoga Classes, to remember what we covered together, at this special event, so this wonderful gift will keep on giving!

    Come learn this uniquely-amazing way to connect more authentically, heart-to-heart, body, mind and spirit.

    “Satcitānanda”, the Sanskrit word for “The Intelligent Awareness of BLISS”; It means knowing what a good thing is, while you have it. It is always a treat for me to provide this space, on such a special evening for you and your Valentine.

    Syl Carson, Bodhi Yoga Founder

ENROLL EARLY!  This event is open to ONLY 12 Couples

2019 Valentine’s Guided Partner Yoga Workshop
Tuition: $90. per-couple

Single Event