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Soul Weather Astrology Session 2: Transits, Aspects & Aspect Patterns

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Learning how to use the planetary energies through Transits & Aspects

Online Yoga Classes perfect for introducing you to the Bodhi Yoga™
approach to Natal Chart Soul Weather™ readings!
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INTRO TO TRANSITS & ASPECTS: Learn basics for natal aspects & transits to your birth chart.

CONJUNCTION ASPECTS & GENIUS POINT PATTERN:  using your natal chart placements cooperatively.

SEXTILE ASPECTS & INCONJUNCT (QUINCUNX) ASPECTS: Life-adjustments-ego shifts to open up synergistic flow.

YOD ASPECT PATTERN: YOD, the Divine Finger of God, pointing you to embrace your path.

INTRO TO SQUARE ASPECTS: Basics for natal aspects that create inner-stress to grow from.

TRINE ASPECT & GRAND TRINE ASPECT PATTERNS:  Approaching your natural flows more consciously.

OPPOSITION ASPECTS:  Learning to create balance out of outward life-opposing tension.

T-SQUARE ASPECT PATTERNS:  Creating balance from inner-tension opposing outward life circumstances.

INTRO TO KITE ASPECT PATTERNS: Learn to recognize and channel abundant flow more consciously.

INTRO TO GRAND CROSS ASPECT PATTERNS: Master centering amidst inner-struggle and outer stressors.

INTRO TO MYSTIC RECTANGLE ASPECT PATTERNS: Learn to transform outer-opposing energies into strength and flow.

GRAND SEXTILE ASPECT PATTERNS: Learn to become fully conscious of your ability to channel flow, balance and divine stewardships.

Discussion Classes include monthly follow-up meetings with Syl to answer question and deepen your Soul Weather mastery

DISCUSSION ON READING CURRENT TRANSITS: Talk over how to read a current transits & recognize real life patterns

DISCUSSION ON GENERATIONAL PLANETS: Syl reviews the role a transpersonal planet plays on a generation.

DISCUSSION ON VENUS & MERCURY RETROGRADE: Using retrograde as an opportunity for chakra alignment.