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Soul Weather Astrology Session 1: Reading Natal Charts

1 – Natal Charts 2 – Aspect-Transits 3 – Returns Planet Index Sign Index House Index Node-Axis Index Aspect-Pattern Index

Online Yoga Classes perfect for introducing you to the Bodhi Yoga™
approach to Natal Chart Soul Weather™ readings!
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Introduction to Soul Weather Study

WHY WE CHOOSE TO “GO THERE”: Introduction into the purpose and benefit of Soul Weather Study.

UNDERSTANDING YOUR CHART LENSE: Syl takes you through the basics of how Astrology Charts are laid out.

USING YOUR SOUL WEATHER REFERENCE KIT: Syl reviews how to use your Reference Kit in study.

TALKING TECH: Syl takes you though several astrology-astronomy app options and sync-up studies.

Getting Started with Natal Charts

THREE Ts OF SOUL WEATHER: Using Natal-Birth Charts to improve awareness of your own soul weather.

UNDERSTANDING PLANETARY SOUL WEATHER: Overview of what Planets can be-Luminaries, Planets, Asteroids & Planetoids.

IN-DEPTH PLANETARY SOUL WEATHER: Syl takes you through each Planet, using in-depth examples.

LIFE-PATH MOON NODES & MATHEMATICAL POINTS: Explore your life-path’s karma-gifts-talents and life calling!

SIGN SOUL WEATHER: Learn your patterns beyond the birthday sign you were born under.

SIGN SOUL WEATHER IN-DEPTH: Triplicity-Quadruplicity, using in-depth examples and real-life experiences.

CHART QUADRANTS: Learn and understand the effect of Chart Quadrants on your personal Soul Weather.

NATAL HOUSE SOUL WEATHER: Reveals hidden opportunities for direction, growth & increased abundance.

NATAL HOUSES IN-DEPTH: Syl takes you through sign-by-sign (including intercepted signs), using real-life experiences.

PLANETS IN RETROGRADE: Learn life-changing wisdom for working proactively with your planets retrograde.

CHAKRAS & SOUL WEATHER ASTROLOGY: Discover hidden chakra wisdom specific to YOU, right on your natal chart; lining up your potentials.

GENERATIONAL NATAL SOUL WEATHER: There IS a map to YOUR KIDS, generational-patterns & even your family tree!

In-class overviews with Q&A using student examples

QUICK OVERVIEW TO GET YOU STARTED: Syl reviews the three basics needed to read a natal chart well.

Q&A ABOUT YOUR SUN: In-class discussion as Syl answers questions about people with the same Sun sign and science behind how your chart moves.

Q&A ABOUT YOUR RISING SIGN: In-class discussion as Syl answers questions about your rising sign and what you are putting out into the world.

Q&A ROTATION VS PRECESSION: Syl explains exactly how the Sun moves one way around your chart, every day and another way through the signs, every season.

Managing Your Soul Weather with Bodhi Yoga™ for your Sign, Chart & Planetary Cycles

Session 1 Soul Weather Natal Chart Certification Follow-up

FOLLOW-UP Session 1: Complete Natal Sun worksheet (posting questions-commentary on private-group Facebook).

FOLLOW-UP SESSION 1 COMPLETING YOUR “GETTING TO KNOW YOUR NATAL CHART”: Syl talks Renae through completing her “Getting to Know Your Sun” worksheet.

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Included in your tuition:

– Sessions 1-3 Online classes you see here (which also include our in-depth indexes for Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects and more).

– Membership in our closed FaceBook group of Soul Weather Enrollees and Graduates, who receiving Syl’s guidance as we assist each other right now in our learning, understanding, resolving and embracing real-life challenges and opportunities.

–  Lifetime enrollment invitation to participate in our in-person group, one weekend monthly Oct-Nov annually

– Printed flip-chart with follow-up flip-chart references and step-by-step worksheets

– Soul-weather Yoga Classes

– Syl’s fortnight lunar insight emails, twice monthly (unless it is a “once in a BLUE Moon” thing).

Whether you join this group in-person, or follow along long-distance,  each session of this training will bring you into more authentic empowerment within your own life and your ability to attract, relate to, connect with and support your relationships, loved-ones, family and children.

If certification is your intention, this training will give you the experience to work with clients comfortably, one-on-one.  A typical private Soul-Weather Session runs in a range from $80-$150 per-session, so your initial investment in this program is well worth the returns that come, both financially and for the Soul!

Get started any time and learn at you own pace!

Online Classes, Private FB ongoing Support, Online comprehensive Astrologer’s reference library:  $950.00

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Wow. I have been struggling for a while now, in practically every area of my life. And through a series of events, I was prompted to listen to the recording you/we made of my natal chart(s). I did this today and HOLY BUCKETS. What an amazing gift. I cried through most of it as I was reminded of all the things I need to feel, hear, say, and DO—or not do. Thank you, thank you for this gift—and for all you have gone through to learn how to deliver this to me and others searching for the deeper meaning and comfort it can provide.

Syl’s Natal Chart Client