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Soul Weather™ Life-Coaching Certification

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Learn to read the weather of your soul & use that gift with clients

Whether you are a yoga teacher, energy healer, massage or cognitive therapist, or maybe you would just love the chance to understand your own (or your kids) life-cycles, emotions, stress-defaults and behavioral patterns better,
Syl offers an this in-depth training just for you!


 When used properly, Bodhi Yoga Soul Weather™ trainings can help
you better understand  life-experiences that shape who you are, as well as
unconscious habits and defaults that you’re using in responding to them.

Learn how to respond to your circumstance better, set intentions that are
more aligned with your Source; which will then naturally bring
more meaningful fruition and clarity into your life.

Enroll now and plan to join the next the Annual Fall Three Weekend Sessions 

(We meet intermittently throughout the year, as our group decides to gather, so no need to wait until our annual session):

This training gives you access to Syl’s 17-years of experience and study in the growing field of pragmatic astrology.  Take a breath here, because this may not be what you think it is!  Syl offers a modern take on traditional astrology, one that is rooted in ancient truths, combined with everyday applicable common sense.  Her work with this approach has been a life-changing tool, helping hundreds of clients understand family and relationships better, clear self-sabotage patterns around health, money, romance, parenting and so much more.

Syl uses a pragmatic approach to an often misused and misunderstood skill.
Just like we have local weather, governed by our immediate atmosphere
and seasons ruled by the position of the Sun in relation to the earth,
so we also have weather patterns and seasonal influences which
govern our inner-sky, our emotional well-being and our SOUL.

We see Soul Weather™ with more babies being born, emergency rooms full and crime rates that rise, as well as the ocean’s tides, with every full Moon; to give just one example…When we learn to become more mindful of the internal weather patterns in our soul, we need not be pulled by stress-tides such as these, but learn from them and put them to use for us, in order to grow!

Syl Carson

You will have access to professional chart layout templates, video-audio recording training, to preserve your work and comprehensive online references that she has authored-developed.

Over the course of her 18-year career in banking, Syl has served on several marketing and educational boards (one with the Utah State Office of Education, where she helped author the Financial Literacy Program, which is now a requirement in high schools throughout the State).  She puts her blend of experience and life-long interests into creating masterful trainings to support you!  The Soul-Weather Life-Coaching program is yet another wonderful gift that you can use personally, or to make a more meaningful difference for your clients and students!

Why Astrology Works & How You’re Already Using it:

Enroll ANYTIME –stream your classes online and join our private FB Group,
then join in person any Autumn session that you choose
(This training never expires!):

™ Session One



What’s a Natal Chart? Click HERE

Natal Chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born, that maps out why you needed to come in at the moment you did and what you are trying to accomplish by the time you are complete.  It is a map that shows your natural talents, emotional underpinnings and how to live more “Dharmic” (aligned with your intentions) over creating stress and karma (impaired judgments that you hopefully learn from–if you’re lucky).  Transits are the things that happen along life’s way, where the movements of the planets in our heavens are activating your original Natal plans.  Learning to navigate your transits (and help spouses, kids, loved-ones or clients do the same) is a life-changing and insightful gift!
Soul Weather™ Session Two



What are Aspects? Click HERE

Aspects are geometric mathematical calculations of the planets in relationship to each other and to the 12 inter-stellar constellations, or Signs (like “Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius” etc.), and the degrees within the houses governed by those signs.   Learning your Natal placements can feel miraculous, because you feel a little more “known by the Heavens”, they are so right on with what you already know to be true in your life.  Aspects tell you HOW you manage the way these energies manifest and how YOU can use your agency to navigate a more well-adjusted and abundant life.  Aspects also help you understand how long your current “soul weather” will be affecting you and how you can better manage stressors, challenges and intentions much more masterfully.
Soul Weather™ Session Three



What’s a Solar Return? Click HERE

Solar Returns are a snapshot of the planetary placements in the sky at the exact moment that the Sun returns to the exact position it was in the sky on the day you were born.  Because there are 360° in a circle and 365-days in a year, your Solar Return occurs either they day of, before, or after your actual calendar birthday. It gives you a map of your upcoming year, just like a weekly weather report does for your week.  While we don’t ever use astrology to predict, knowing a little about your annual weather (from Solar Return to Solar Return) each year around your birthday, gives you incredible insights into how to use your agency to the best of your ability.  You gain in-depth ability to manifest your intentions in greater alignment with your Source promptings!

Bodhi Yoga Soul Weather™ can also help you understand and attune better with your family,
recognize and honor your kids for the gifts they brought with them and help loved-ones
feel both more authentic purpose and personal empowerment!

Whether you enroll to simply deepen your understanding of yourself or to work with clients in private
Soul-Weather Sessions.  This training is great for Yoga Teachers, LMTs, Energy-workers and Licensed Cognitive Therapists, as just another wonderful way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Enroll here early and begin streaming your classes now!

 Enrollees receive unlimited access to our online Soul Weather™ classes, full access to the online content web-reference (that works like an app on your phone) to help you remember what we learned, as well as access Syl’s monthly Lunar updates!  Whether you join this group in-person, or follow along long-distance, this training will bring you into more authentic empowerment within your own life, your ability to attract, relate to, connect with and support your relationships, loved-ones, family and children.

If certification is your intention, this training will give you the experience to work with clients comfortably, one-on-one.  A typical private Soul-Weather Session runs in a range from $80-$150 per-session, so your initial investment in this program is well worth the returns that come, both financially and for the Soul!

Enroll and Join in to receive on-going support and guideance

In addition to our in-person weekend Sept 25-26th 2019, the Soul Weather™ programs stream online, and include the following:

Soul Weather™ Training:

– 60+ hours of in-depth online Soul Weather classes that give you expertise in Natal Charts, Transits, Aspects & Aspect Patterns, Planetary Cycles & Returns (including how to read Solar Returns) for your self, your children & loved ones and professionally with clients
– Soul Weather Reference Kit
– Getting to Know Your Natal Chart Workbook
– Getting to Know Your Solar Return Chart Workbook
– 4 versions of your Laminated Natal Chart

Also, on the Soul Weather™, the local enrollees have wanted more time together on this, so we have been meeting at my house the first several months throughout the year, from 6-9pm (at no additional charge, just because I love spending time with you all in this wonderful study!)

Tuition $950.00


Wow. I have been struggling for a while now, in practically every area of my life. And through a series of events, I was prompted to listen to the recording you/we made of my natal chart(s). I did this today and HOLY BUCKETS. What an amazing gift. I cried through most of it as I was reminded of all the things I need to feel, hear, say, and DO—or not do. Thank you, thank you for this gift—and for all you have gone through to learn how to deliver this to me and others searching for the deeper meaning and comfort it can provide.

Syl’s Natal Chart Client

An Introduction to Syl’s pragmatic approach to “Demystifying Astrology”