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Weekly Yoga Classes in Utah and Online

Regular Weekly Class Schedule

  • BodhiFlow Vinyasa
    Mornings: 8:30-9:45am every Wednesday, Friday & Saturday (gentle fusion)

    The evolution of power yoga, your BodhiFlow workout class uses “time under tension”, in taking your movements slow, deep and steady, rather than fast repetitions.  We begin gently, and in no time, you’ll begin to play with the bead of sweat that rolls up and down your forehead.  Feel the strength that comes with Bodhi Yoga mirroring, a very yummy focus in giving yourself the time to feel the potential in your flow.

    Following the four-tiers of the BodhiFlow, learn Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression approach to asana sequencing and advance your understanding of what it truly means to progress in your yoga.

  • BodhiYin Restorative
    8:30-10am every Monday & Thursday

    Discover the power in your passive stretch, unwinding through layers of relaxing into your yoga. Move through stillness with yoga bolsters, props and a variety of yoga breath techniques called pranayama. This practice fosters deep rest and renewal as you re-pattern tightness and stress from your body.  Letting go and allowing your yoga to move through you, makes lasting changes in your body, mind and soul.

    Arrive early, as this class is a Bodhi Yoga favorite.

  • BodhiPrasava: Awakened Motherhood Evenings
    Prenatal 7:30-8:45pm Every Tuesday (also available by appointment)
    Empowered Motherhood 7:30-8:45pm Every Thursday (all women welcome)
    Learn more about our prenatal program and follow our workshops by clicking here 

    PRENATAL: This class is designed for the ever-changing pregnant woman’s body and is suited for all trimesters. It’s here that you’ll explore the gentle art of surrendering and present-moment living. All throughout you’ll learn beautiful movement kriyas specific to pregnancy.

    EMPOWERED MOTHERHOOD: This class guides postpartum mothers and all women on their journey to healing, recovery, and new-found strength. Special attention is paid to strengthening the abdomen, releasing tension in the neck, shoulders and chest, opening the heart, and most importantly–reclaiming your personal power. Experience the beauty of empowering motherhood mantras (intentions) at each class.

    Contact Stephanie for specific questions regarding
    awakened motherhood & prenatal classes at: 435-660-3176

Live too far to join in person?  Did you know there is a full-course on your Chakras streaming now to members of our online center, with unlimited classes on your smart phone, internet TV, computer or tablet for only $9.95-mo!  The Fall-Winter season workshops and yoga practices are streaming now at: goyogaonline.com