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Soul Weather Moon Cycle Calendar

The Bodhi Yoga Soul Weather™ 2019 Moon Calendar is HERE!

Did YOU know that the Lunar Cycles of the Moon
bring-in “Weather” patterns that can affect how you feel, at the SOUL level?

Just ask any elementary school teacher, marriage & family therapist,
labor & delivery or emergency room doctor-nurse, or law enforcement officer.
They will tell you, that when the Moon is Full,  folks tend to feel life’s stressors intensify. 

Did YOU know that before electricity, women’s monthly cycles
inseparably coincided with the Cycles of the MOON?

Did you know that the Latin root for the word
MONTH and MOON and MOTHER are all the SAME?


Did you know that anciently, it was believed that the moon governs your emotions,
energy body, as well as your sense of belonging and feeling at home in your life?

Did YOU know that there are FOUR specific phases to your
personal evolution and growth during each 28-day Lunar Cycle?

OH MY HEAVENS, did YOU know that each month’s
opportunity for growth is Divinely designed to help you align
with your potential and prepare you for the following month’s path?

DID YOU KNOW that two to three times each year we experience
Lunar and Solar ECLIPSES, which ONLY happen on New and Full Moons
occurring within the SAME lunar cycle?

Did YOU KNOW that the two-week eclipse cycles are brief windows
into your SOUL when 
you’re being prompted to move further forward
in your life than would otherwise be possible?

The Bodhi Yoga Soul Weather™ 2019 Moon Calendar
helps you manage all of it more mindfully, as you keep
tabs on the Lunar Cycles with this BEAUTIFUL 
to get the VERY MOST out of your year!

Available by Pre-Order Only: Choose from two options

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Full High-Resolution Calendar 24×24
(Including the Moon Cycle Calendar Cards: SIX Moon Cycle cards for each primary phase of the Moon and three additional cards, to help you get the most out of each week of your 28-day Lunar phases):

$39.99 Before January 15th by Pre-order ONLY

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Medium Resolution Small Moon Cycle Calendar ONLY Before Jan 15th by Pre-order ONLY
Size 13×13:


Small Calendar: Add-to-Cart

Moon Cycle Calendar Cards ONLY
10 Moon Cycle Calendar Cards that guide you through how to navigate the four primary cycles of the moon, (including both Solar and Lunar Eclipses):


Moon Cycle Cards ONLY: Add-to-Cart

PLEASE NOTE:  Calendars will ship on (or before) December 30th and then again on Jan 15th–following which the 2019 Moon Cycle Calendar offering will be COMPLETE!

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