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Utah Yoga Teacher Training

Life-changing yoga that empowers YOU to change lives

January 2019 Session has begun, but it’s not too late to join!

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As soon as your tuition is paid, you receive your 500-page manual
and media kit, as well as online access to our full-progam classes streaming now.
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I highly recommend Syl’s teacher training because I feel that it is very unique. The course offers the full package, and a real connection to the spiritual side of yoga. Syl is very nurturing and I felt at ease and developed a real closeness with the other students. Thank you Syl, I am loving teaching yoga in my small community.”

Cindy Windsor – Ontario, Canada

We make the journey easy to take and simply inspiring

Once enrolled, you can begin logging your completion hours and be ready
to dive deep with the next upcoming in-person group (limited to between 6-12 students).
You will enjoy your yoga sanctuary and training on a deeply personal level.

Once complete in your Bodhi Yoga™ Certification, you can come back
and renew your yoga teaching and personal practice skills,
in any future teacher training session for free!

Online Yoga Teacher Training Curriculum is also included in your in-person enrollment

I learned more than I could ever put into words, during this teacher training.  This training has taught me how to explain yoga to those just beginning and how to open up wonder even in those who know it deeper than I do myself.  I was able to face some demons in my life and then invite some beautiful angels to replace them.  I was remembering, gradually, the joy of knowing oneself, the peace of stillness and the wisdom of movement.

Emily Pelo – Heber, Utah


A few things that distinguish the Bodhi Yoga Teacher training from the rest

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Once certified as a Yoga Teacher you’ll be qualified to:

Once I am certified through Bodhi Yoga, what will I be qualified to do with my certification?

• To teach a complete repertoire of Yoga Postures

• A variety of BodhiFlow Vinyasa Power Yoga Styles & Sequencing

• A variety of BodhiYin Restorative Styles & Sequencing

• A variety of BodhiSpin Chakra Styles with Kundalini Style Sequencing

• The twelve Systems of the Body as related to the body of Yoga

• Anatomy/Emotions of Yoga Movement

• Structures of Sanskrit/Yoga Chant/Ayurveda

• Teaching students body awareness, and how to move through beginning through advanced yoga postures using Bodhi Yoga’s Natural Progression™ approach to Asanas

• Comprehensive Hands-on-adjusting using Thai Partner Yoga Techniques

• Develop Specialized Classes from Pre-Natal, Kids to a range of Therapeutic Yoga

• Skills for designing individually appropriate private sessions with confidence & authenticity.

Full-course online streaming yoga teacher training classes

Bodhi Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training online program includes our full-curriculum streaming to your iPad, tablet, smartphone or internet tv.

Both in-person and online aspects of this training are included in your tuition, so near-or far, you can become part of an exclusive group of Bodhi Yoga teachers.

Use of Bodhi Yoga space to complete practice teaching

Included in your tuition is the opportunity to use the Bodhi Yoga space to bring in friends and family to complete your 35-hours practice teaching.

We provide high-end yoga mats, blankets, blocks, straps; along with a variety of bolsters and balls, for a wide range of therapeutic yoga classes!

What are the 200-Hour Certification Requirements?

-90 Hours: Online Classes with Syl included here
-10 Hours: Yoga Philosophy & Ethics Homestudy from manual & DVDs included; as well as your 18-month unlimited Teacher Training Level membership to goyogaonline.com
-20 Hours: Personal Yoga Practice (on your own mat at home)
-30 Hours: Practice Teaching (friends & family from home/use Bodhi Yoga Center)
-30 Hours: Yoga Class Practice (by online membership and Bodih Yoga DVDs included in your tuition or local classes)
-20 Hours: Anatomy Study (On your own from home)
– 24 Yoga Blogging Entries

How long do I have to complete my Requirements?

You have 18-months from the last day of the yoga teacher session you enroll in to submit your 200-Hour Bodhi Yoga completion packet, having finished all requirements.

If you are not able to complete your hours in the 18-months, you are welcome to pay a $500 extension fee that will extend your certification tract for an additional 2 years (including online access and use of Bodhi Yoga space to complete your practice teaching hours).  Keep in mind that you will be able to apply your extension fee to any of the three advanced certifications, that Bodhi Yoga™ offers, so you will not loose out.

Should you choose to enroll in the Restorative Partner Yoga & Ayurvedic Hands-on Adjusting, the Quant.TM Holographic Energy Healing or the 7 Chakras Mind & Body Practitioner programs, it will also automatically extend your 18-month Yoga Teacher Certification track an additional 2 years.

Once you complete your 200-Hour Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training packet, upon review, your certificate will be awarded within 90-days and you can sit in on any Yoga Teacher Training session for FREE.

Please note:  If the 7 Chakras Mind & Body Practitioner program is discounted below $500, at the time you enroll, you will need to make up the difference (which is still creditable to other programs).  If you go beyond 5 years of your certification track, you will need to re-enroll at the current full-tuition cost. 

Tuition Payment & Options

We recommend you pay your tuition in-full, upfront.  This allows us both to keep our energy clear and be able to more fully focus your energy on the in-depth yoga experience at hand.  The willingness to cover tuition up-front, can also be an important part of the process, preparing you for the experience in ways that you may not realize; this being said, there are two options for enrolling:

Option 1:  Upfront payment

Save $200 by enrolling early (offer on main page)


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Option 2: Deposit & Tuition Balance without discount offer.

$500. Enrollment deposit

Enroll Here

$2,450. Tuition Balance
(Due 10-days prior to our first weekend. Your access to online program, 500-page manual & media kit will also occur, once your tuition is paid in-full)

Pay Balance

Please note:  All tuition payments are non-refundable (as we are turning others away, as your place is held).  You may transfer tuition payments toward any future sessions of the Bodhi Yoga™ 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training, or any other Bodhi Yoga™ certification program.

Join in groups of 5 or more and bring Syl in person to you!

Groups who enroll together with 5 or more participants have the option of hosting Syl, in person for a two-day session (for online groups) or coming for your own 10-day PRIVATE yoga teacher training intensive at the Bodhi Yoga Center with Syl.

Please note: Syl’s Travel and lodging are arranged by the hosting group, based on prior mutual agreement.  To contact her about coming to your group in person, email:  info@gobodhiyoga.com

This is the Yoga teacher training (of several others), that helped me develop and deepen my practice. I have used it in the work of healing not only my body, but my life.  And now I get to share it with all of you!  Thank you Bodhi Yoga.

Melanye Cannon, Ashland Oregon


Yoga teacher training session schedule

Available in person with full-curriculum online support once you complete your group sessions. OR if  you live far and would like to get Bodhi Yoga certified long-distance, we are with YOU all the way!

Winter-Spring Session
January through May 2019
We meet the last weekend monthly
Friday Evening 3-9pm
and all day Saturday 8:30am-5pm
last weekend monthly
Weekend One – Jan 25-26th
Weekend Two – Feb 22-23rd
Weekend Three – Mar 29-30th
Weekend Four – Apr 26-27th
Weekend Five – May 24th-25th
Summer Accelerated Session
June 12th-22nd 2019
We meet for a transformational 10-days,
(same amount of hours as in 5-mo session)
Daily classes from 8:30-5pm (week-2 til 7pm)
Session One – Jun 12-13st
Session Two – Jun 14-15th
(no class Sunday)
Session Three – Jun 17-18th
Session Four – Jun 19-20th
Session Five – Jun 21st-22nd
Autumn-Winter Session
August through December 2019
We meet the third weekend monthly
Friday Evening 3-9pm
and all day Saturday 8:30am-5pm
(except Dec, we meet 1st weekend)
Weekend One – Aug 16-17th
Weekend Two – Sep 20-21st
Weekend Three – Oct 18-19th
Weekend Four – Nov 15-16th
Weekend Five – Dec 6-7th

Keep in mind that if you have to miss any day of instruction, you can attend any future teacher training sessions for FREE always and you have the full curriculum streaming online, so you will never have to miss out!

FAQ Video about this program with Syl & Tuition Enrollmemt

By enrolling with your full-tuition up-front, you save $200 of the regular $2,950. tuition.   When you pay upfront, you will be prompted to set up your user name and password, to begin viewing the online portion of program and logging your hours immediately.   Syl will contact you by email within 72-hours to let you know your manual and media kit are on their way!  (If you would rather reserve your space with $500-deposit and pay the $2,450. balance 10-days prior to our training, you can do this in the toggle, right of the testimonial video above)

Tuition:  $2,750. (if paying official check or money order)

(If paying by credit card there is a $75 processing fee Visa-MC.
Also, for discover or amex, choose the PayPal option)

Enroll Here

I can’t even begin to write how wonderful an experience i’ve had at the Bodhi Yoga Center! I HIGHLY recommend everything they have to offer! I completed the teacher training and I received so much more depth, insight, knowledge, guidance and love than I could have ever expected! Syl is amazing!!! If you are even considering taking this course, definitely do it, it’s worth much more than anything monetary!!!

Susie Jenson, Salt Lake City Utah


Join a group of comprehensive Bodhi Yoga™ teachers – participating from around the globe

Students are currently enrolled in this program long-distance from
Solvenia, Canada, Massachusetts, Oklahoma, Colorado and California.  Take a look at our online Yoga Teacher Training support, included in your tuition by clicking HERE