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10 Talents of Abundance Online Meditation Retreat

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Discover the 10-Talents of Abundance Meditation

Regardless of whether you think you know how to meditate, or feel you just can’t make
it work for you, you will  love the 10-Talents of Abundance 3-part Meditation Retreat,
Syl offers an this in-depth mediation training just for you, at your own pace
and in the comfort of your home, work or play:

This special 3-class Meditation workshop is for anyone who would like to live
more mindfully and aligned with their potential for an abundant life!

How does Meditation help you?

What can I say about meditation? In short it’s really changed my life and the way I manage stress, chronic pain, the healing process, and the practice of finding joy and contentment in every day. It’s been particularly helpful in motivating me to understand the value in creating sacred spaces and quiet moments, regardless of my circumstances—a real lifesaver.

I believe it was Sir Thomas Moore who said: “Silence is the language of God, everything else is poor translation.”

It love the eco of his words, when my body-mind is able to find that space.  I have felt what he is talking about.  Learning to meditate has been a priceless gift.

Syl Carson, Bodhi Yoga Founding-Director

Begin now and practice at your own pace!

Each class will feature Bodhi Yoga Founding-Director, Syl Carson, leading you through the in’s and out’s of developing a personal meditation practice that is right for you!  So join now and begin this life-changing approach to making meditation part of your everyday life.  We learn together, in-depth, over three transformative mornings.

Classes span over three special 2-Hour Retreats, with additional light color therapy videos, and guided meditation instruction in your 10-min Meditation Reference tab, at the top of this page.

Meditation Retreat ONE:

1— simple-restorative yoga and breathing to help
 meditation feel do-able for anyone.
2—how to lay a basis for mind-body alignment, which will make you a more natural meditator
3—how to recognize-approach and clear where you get “stuck”

Meditation Retreat TWO:

1— introduction to the way your right-left brain work, in your body & life.
2—how to create channels of abundance alignment through meditation.
3—gain everyday skills to become a more intentional human-being.

Meditation Retreat THREE:

1—using daily Visualization-Intention Meditations that work
2—opening your daily Manifesting channel through Meditation.
3—maintaining daily skills with 10-minute mediation reference page

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$75 FULL 3-class Meditation Retreat Online Program 

This special Bodhi Yoga™ Online Meditation Retreat begins loading up for streaming March 26th and will be complete the week following our in-person event filming on May 12th, 2018

Enroll now, so your username and password are all set up and ready to stream, as the classes are being being loaded up!

Meditation Retreat One: Loaded up for streaming by April 2nd, 2018

Meditation Retreat Two:  Loaded up for streaming by May 5th, 2018

Meditation Retreat Three: Loaded up for streaming by May 19th, 2018

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