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Bodhi Yoga Events and Retreats- Winter 2016

  • 2017 New Year’s Eve Morning Floral Water Meditation 


    Saturday, December 31st, 2017 10am-noon

    Join in on this annual Bodhi Yoga tradition and begin your New Year with a fresh purpose and perspective.

    Syl will share the energy that will be carrying you through 2017.  Discover how to navigate the new year with greater awareness.  Bring more of your authentic self into both your challenges and successes as you navigate the gift of the New Year with a more awakened heart.

    Navigating 2017 will be tied directly to your ability to fully manifest, in our rock-solid reality, your thoughts, desires and dreams. Syl will guide you through setting intentions for the new year in ways that will gather a sense of deep peace and stability, to follow you through your entire year as you work with a brand new energy.

    Enroll early to reserve a space for you and a friend.  2017 is an important year in our shifting planet and you won’t want to miss this important information.

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